Samstag, April 21, 2018
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    Wir ver­fü­gen über mehr als 20 Jahre Er­fah­rung in der Um­set­zung von Netz­werk- und Ser­ver­pro­jek­ten. Als Microsoft Datacenter Partner sind wir auch die erste Adresse für Ihren Umzug in die Welt der Wolken.

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    Enterprise Resource Planning

    Seit 1996 führen wir ERP Projekte durch. Über unsere bewährte Projektmethodik stimmen wir alle Teilleistungen mit Ihnen ab und koordinieren diese zur erfolgreichen Gesamtleistung. Sie sind so jederzeit in der Lage, die Leistungen zu überwachen und können darauf reagieren – so gibt es kein „böses Erwachen".

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    Der Blick für das We­sent­li­che: aus Daten werden In­for­ma­tio­nen. ADDISON steht für kon­se­quen­tes Ma­nage­ment zur Ver­bes­se­rung Ihrer Pro­fi­ta­bi­li­tät.

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The UTM Elevated 9.4 beta starts now!

Today’s hackers are employing more targeted attacks with highly evasive never before seen malware designed to breach security systems to gain access to a company’s resources, credentials and data. So while conventional anti-malware is still a critical first line of defense, it’s no longer enough in combating modern attacks.


Most next-generation sandboxing solutions designed to identify unknown malware are too complex and expensive for most businesses like yours to even consider. That’s why we’ve developed Sophos Sandstorm, a new subscription option that gives you an advanced malware defense solution that’s effective and affordable. Sandstorm is a cloud-based sandbox solution that provides targeted attack protection, visibility and analysis that rises above the competition.

It’s simple:

  • Easy to try – sign up through MyUTM and benefit from instant protection
  • Easy to deploy – simply activate the policy
  • Easy to manage – through your usual UTM workflow

It’s effective:

  • Blocks evasive threats – detects threats designed to evade sandboxes that other solutions miss
  • Policy control – simple, efficient policy control
  • Visible protection – granular, incident-based reports

It’s cloud-based:

  • Rapid deployment – instant protection with no hardware to deploy or appliance upgrade needed
  • Minimal impact on performance – all processing done in the cloud
  • Collective intelligence – analysis of threats detected across the broad Sophos customer base

And perhaps most importantly, it’s affordable. Sophos Sandstorm will be available in UTM 9.4 as a new Protection Subscription, at a great value price-point compared to competing enterprise solutions in this category. It’s enterprise-grade protection without the enterprise-grade price tag or enterprise-grade complexity.

Expanding the hardware lineup

UTM Elevated 9.4 adds support for a number of new hardware options, further extending our top-performing hardware line up.

SG 85(w) brings new New SG Series Appliances to the low-end of the line. The SG 85 is available in both an integrated wireless (w) model and without wireless. It is ideal for extremely price-sensitive deployments like retail or SOHO. Expected availability of the SG 85(w) is March 2016.

Sophos SG 85

4x10G SFP+ Flexi-Port Module for the 1U SG Series models brings a whole new level of flexible connectivity and performance with four port support for a variety of optical or electrical transceivers. Expected availability is March 2016.

RED 15w adds integrated wireless to the new RED 15 with a single radio supporting 802.11n 2×2:2 MIMO.  Expected availability is March 2016 with similar (aggressive) pricing to the new XG 85w.

Sophos RED 15

AP 15c packages the popular, new and affordable entry-level access point into a ceiling smoke-detector type chassis. It offers the same great performance and value as the AP 15 desktop model with a single radio with 300Mbps of 802.11n throughput – but now with a choice of band (either 2.4GHz or 5GHz).  Expected availability is March 2016.

Enhancing the firmware features

UTM Elevated 9.4 also delivers some of your top-requested features.

WAF Persistent Session Cookies improve the user experience when interacting with business applications protected by the Sophos UTM, reducing repeated sign-in prompts.

STAS (Sophos Transparent Authentication Suite) provides reliable transparent SSO authentication for network users, without requiring a client on the endpoint. STAS employs an agent on the Microsoft Active Directory Server that monitors and stores authentication activity and exchanges authentication information with the UTM, making user-based policy rules and enforcement easy.

IPv6 SSL VPN Support adds much requested support for IPv6 VPN connectivity with the UTM.

Looking beyond

While UTM Elevated 9.4 is a substantial release, it’s one more in what has been, and will continue to be, a great series of updates to this award-winning product. We have even more great plans for this product with UTM 9.5 and 9.6 releases already in the early planning stages, promising to bring you even more value, simplicity and security.

To offer feedback and comments or ask questions about the beta, please go to the UTM Elevated 9.4 beta forum.